About us


The designer

Discreet, free, attracted by fashion without following trends, Sofia, the designer, loves elegant and timeless accessories. After studying musicology and anthropology, Sofia chose to teach music education. In 2022, after a career of more than 15 years in education, she decided to devote herself fully to the development of her brand, which was born two years earlier.

To create her models, Sofia does not start from a drawing, but rather from a knot that she ties and unties, from a combination of colors that she wants to try. It is thus was born the first Marshmallow bracelet. The choice of name seemed obvious to him, since the colors used, the knots as well as the shape she gave to her bracelet, reminiscent of the famous candy.

Very quickly, Yassshandmade accessories find their place in points of sale that have a nice universe.

The brand

Yasss is above all the nickname of her son, but Sofia wanted to associate the initials of the people who are dear to her, namely, her adored grandfather as well as her two nieces.

Yasss Handmade is a line of accessories designed from a marriage of colored, knotted and intertwined satin cords, offering a wide range of unique, chic and distinguished choices.

The wide color palette proposed as well as the different shapes and thicknesses allow each silhouette to find what will add a touch to her outfit elegance and originality in a timeless style. Registered design.